A Trama dedicated to Generation Z, a divergent perspective that runs through the festival. We can only imagine the future of music by looking forward, a future that is made of young promises, but also of new listeners.

The 11th edition of TRAME SONORE includes actions aimed at enhancing young musical talents, cultivating the audience of tomorrow and offering opportunities for professional growth to a series of technical-administrative figures in the live entertainment sector.





Here are the eight declinations of this new Trame:


At Trame Sonore 2023 a specific series of concerts are entrusted to chamber groups under 35. Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Te, Palazzo D’arco, Teatro Bibiena, Piazza Alberti are just some of the venues that will host this specific widespread stage, entrusting the stage to young musicians as they embark on promising careers.
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Friends, fellowship, affordable tickets, less static and formal way of fruition, in locations other than traditional theatres. Young artists. Let’s dance is a Trama inspired by these requests, surveyed through questionnaires administered to young people between 18 and 25. In the setting of Palazzo Te, a cycle of short concerts will take shape proposed in a location with a unique charm, set up in the absence of a stage and stalls, where people will sit as they feel, carrying cushions, sitting on the floor, and where, if you don’t want to sit down, choosing to dance (silently in respect of the artists and the performance) to the rhythm of the music during the performances. These will be entrusted to young musicians (among whom the winners of the OCM Academy tender – see in this regard what is described in the previous Action). The only public admitted will be under 30 and the concerts will end with a sharing moment between musicians and the public, in the Loggia di Davide of Palazzo Te.
Discover the three appointments: June 1st, June 2nd, June3rd .



For years, at Trame Sonore, one of the great pianists of our time, Alfred Brendel, Guest of Honor of the Festival, has been offering the magisterium of his thought to an emerging chamber music group. The masterclass has its pinnacle in a public exhibition, in the fascinating Salone degli Arazzi of the Palazzo Vescovile. This year the Ineo Quartet will benefit from the mastery of Alfred Brendel, working on Beethoven’s opus 18.

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The festival encourages the practice of chamber music among the youngest: after a careful selection, groups under 18 who share the passion for making music together are called to Trame sonore to confront each other and to find the opportunity to perform alongside some of their idols, recognized stars of classical music.

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For secondary schools, Trame Sonore 2023 includes itinerant lessons, guided listening tours that will lead students to discover chamber music. A well-known and well-experienced popularizer like Giovanni Bietti will introduce young listeners to the magic of live art music, enjoyed in an exceptional context: the marvelous halls – in terms of aesthetics but also for acoustics – of Palazzo Ducale.

Discover the concerts dedicated to students here.


ZigZago – Musical Treasure Hunt is the title of the new itinerary, conceived as part of Trame Sonore Festival 2023, to offer young people the opportunity to approach classical music through gaming. Based on a series of short concerts in various art venues (that an intense and widespread event such as Trame Sonore can make available), the map and the exploration path aim to stimulate the curiosity of the participants, highlighting the interconnections between music , history, art and architecture. Through the Trame Sonore mobile application (app), players will be asked to answer questions and solve puzzles relating to the concerts they are attending.
To be won are travels, passes, tickets and devices… all with a musical theme!

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Synergies and affiliation with EUROPEAN ACADEMIES OF HIGHER EDUCATION will lead chamber groups to participate in Trame Sonore at the start of their promising international careers. Among these:
· Universität Mozarteum (Salzburg – Austria)
Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia (Madrid – Spain)
· Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome – Italy)
There will also be chamber ensembles nominated by the Mantua Conservatory of Music “L. Campiani”.



Oficina OCM, as it always does, also in view of Trame Sonore 2023, will enter into affiliation with various Italian universities – University of Pavia, University of Brescia, Bocconi University of Milan, University of Venice, University of Florence, University of Verona, DAMS of Bologna. Those enrolled in these courses will be able to activate professional internships to live on the field all the logistic, amministrative and organizzative aspect behind an international Music Festival. University credits will be recognized at the end of the experience.
Furthermore, in collaboration with the “Belfiore” and “Virgilio” high schools in Mantua, Trame Sonore activates courses for the achievement of transversal skills and for the development of the ability to orient oneself in personal life and in social and cultural reality – the so-called mandatory PCTO for high school students. Fundamental aspect of the study plan, according to the most recent directives of the Ministry of Education, which involve a reversal of traditional teaching methods, redesigning teaching starting from transversal skills in the definition of an agreed project for solving a problem and simulated training enterprise, with the fundamental contribution of the territory (companies, cultural institutions, research centers, etc.), the PCTOs that Oficina OCM offers allow students to test in the field, sometimes discovering them from scratch, skills and propensities, but also to understand what richness and multidisciplinarity characterize the world of the arts and live entertainment.