carlo fabiano

Carlo Fabiano conductor

Carlo Fabiano began his musical studies at the ‘L. Campiani ‘institute of Mantua, but only after meeting the violinist Franco Claudio Ferrari, who later became his teacher and guide, did he decide to make music the center of his life. Thus, he left university to devote himself exclusively to violin and, after graduating at the Conservatory of his city, he held the position that belonged to his teacher, entering a role – the one of the teacher – which he currently continues to have. Within various symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles, he has achieved intense activity in many European countries, in the United States, in Central and South America, in North Africa and Asia. In 1981, he founded the Mantua Chamber Music Orchestra of which he has always been a concert violin. In 1997, together with his principal conductor, Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli, he received the prestigious ‘Franco Abbiati’ award from the Italian Music Critics, for artistic achievements obtained with the ensemble he founded. In 1993, after the recognition of the Mantua Chamber Music Orchestra by the Ministry of Culture, with the support of public and private bodies, he conceived and created “Tempo d’Orchestra”, an concert-based event that has its base in the wonderful Bibiena Theater in Mantua, as well as in other areas of the Virgilian territory, and of which he has always been in the charge of the artistic direction.
Since the academic year 2010-2011, he has been entrusted of Chamber Music teaching role at the Postgraduate Courses of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, in Rome. He plays a Cremonese violin by Giovanni Battista Ceruti dated 1848.

filippo lama

Filippo Lama violin

nicola bignami

Nicola Bignami violin

gregorio buti

Gregorio Buti cello

luca braga

Luca Braga violin

armando barilli
Armando Barilli viola
agnese tasso

Agnese Tasso violin

cesare carretta

Cesare Carretta violin

stefano biguzzi

Stefano Biguzzi violin

gianandrea guerra

Gianandrea Guerra violin

gianmaria lodigiani

Gian Maria Lodigiani violin

grazia serradimigni

Grazia Serradimigni violin

igor cantarelli

Igor Cantarelli violin

luca bandini

Luca Bandini double bass

laura riccardi

Laura Riccardi violin and viola

michele ballarini

Michele Ballarini cello

mattia riva

Mattia Riva double bass

pierantonio cazzulani

Pierantonio Cazzulani violin

paolo perruchetti

Paolo Perrucchetti cello

yamada mirei

Mirei Yamada violin

fabiano cudiz

Fabiano Cudiz trumpet

francesco bossone

Francesco Bossone bassoon

davide guerrieri
Davide Guerrieri oboe
aligi voltan

Aligi Voltan bassoon

tommaso lonquich

Tommaso Lonquich clarinet

aldo campagnari

Aldo Campagnari violin

sebastian gimeno
Sebastian Gimeno oboe
sorin crudu
Sorin Crudu oboe
roberto fabiano

Roberto Fabiano flute

massimiliano salmi
Massimiliano Salmi oboe
giacomo grava

Giacomo Grava cello

michele fattori

Michele Fattori bassoon

maurizio cavallini

Maurizio Cavallini horn

luigi sabanelli

Luigi Sabanelli bassoon

irena kavcic

Irena Kavcic flute

igor delaiti

Igor Delaiti bassoon

andrea leasi

Andrea Leasi horn

andrea bressan

Andrea Bressan bassoon

aljas begus

Aljaz Begus clarinet

jessica orlandi
Jessica Orlandi viola
vincenzo starace
Vincenzo Starace viola
giorgio galvan

Giorgio Galvan double bass

irene zatta

Irene Zatta cello

stefano bencivenga

Stefano Bencivenga violin

ugo favaro

Ugo Favaro horn