Symphonic Chamber

Led by the Israeli Nir Kabaretti, the OCM, together with the piano duo composed by Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg, proposes a juxtaposition between the great classical Beethoven symphonies to the best romantic chamber music of Johannes Brahms.
Unusual proposal indeed, and suggestive, choosing to approach the most intimate of Beethoven’s symphonies – the fourth – to some of the most deep pages of Brahms as chamber musician, in op. 25, revisited here thanks to recent and unusual transcription for strings and piano duo by R. Dünser

(in collaboration with Stage Door)

Sivan Silver, Gil Garburg, piano duo
Nir Kabaretti
, conductor
Orchestra da Camera di Mantova

Johannes Brahms
Piano quartet n. 1, op. 35 (version for piano duo and orchestra by R. Dünser)

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony n. 4, op. 60

sivan silver & gil garburg
nir kabaretti