Salieri & Mozart

The first Italian winner of the Van Cliburn (1989), Benedetto Lupo has been one of the most popular and perfect concert performers of his generation for several years. The OCM had already embarked with him on a journey through history and evolution of the piano concert, starting from the Italian lesson of Salieri. This year, he proposes it even enriched – in dialogue with Mozart – by a parallel path, even symphonic – to a Concert and a Sinfonia by the Italian composer, he pairs as many works by the man from Salzburg –, to better retrace the steps towards definitive affirmation of the Viennese school.

(in collaboration with Resia artists)


Benedetto Lupo piano
Orchestra da Camera di Mantova

Wolfgang A. Mozart
Symphony n. 33, K 319

Antonio Salieri
Piano concerto in C major

Antonio Salieri
Sinfonia Veneziana

Wolfgang A. Mozart
Piano concerto n. 27, K 595

benedetto lupo
orchestra da camera di mantova