Celebrating Haydn

“Mantua Chamber Orchestra – as Giovanni Bietti writes -, in this triennial monographic project, performed for the first time between 2008 and 2010, has investigated the various periods in which the boundless Haydn compositional production is articulated, through a selection of pieces ranging from Symphony to secular vocal music, from sacred music to Concerto. The Cycle, which reached prestigious national and international stages, had one of its key moments in the “Haydn Day”: Sunday 31 May 2009, on the exact anniversary day of the 200th anniversary of his death, Mantua and its iconic places welcomed a non-stop series of concerts dedicated to his extraordinary work, unique and almost initiatic and welcomed by public and critical consensus.”

Mantua Chamber Orchestra

Symphony n. 1
Symphony n. 26
Symphony n. 44
Symphony n. 49
Symphony n. 83
Symphony n. 94
Symphony n. 104
Symphony n. 90
Symphony “London” n. 104

Sacred music:
Stabat Mater
Sette ultime parole di Cristo (extract)
Te Deum

Trumpet concerto

orchestra da camera di mantova