The QuartettOCMantova was born from the friendship and desire to make music together that unites some of the first parts of the Mantua Chamber Orchestra. The four musicians have a privileged, constant and now twenty-year relationship with the Mantua ensemble, with which they have performed in some of the most prestigious halls in the world; they also boast chamber collaborations with the most important Italian groups and musicians.
The quartet performed in Mantua for the Festivaletteratura, for Tempo d’Orchestra and for the Trame Sonore chamber festival, an occasion in which every year some of the biggest names on the international music scene meet at Palazzo Ducale. it performed in China in concerts organized by the China Tang Academy and the Italian Embassy. They also played in Milan in the Church of San Maurizio for the Abbazie Arte Musica season and at the Mart in Rovereto for the Settenovecento Festival.
The Quartet has often collaborated with other musicians including Paolo Bordoni, Stefania Redaelli, Alberto Magagni and Igor Armani. A particular relationship of esteem and friendship binds the quartet to the pianist and musicologist Giovanni Bietti with whom numerous concert lesson projects have been created, including a “Music Lesson” broadcast live on Radio Tre.

Luca Braga violin
Pierantonio Cazzulani violin
Klaus Manfrini viola
Paolo Perucchetti cello


QuartettOCMantova, Andrea Rebaudengo - Šostakóvič

May 31st 2024 – 5.00 pm
Palazzo Ducale, Galleria degli Specchi

QuartettOCMantova - Puccini

June 2nd 2024 – 9.45 am
Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli