Istantanea Ensemble

Istantanea Ensemble

Istantanea, an artistic collective formed in 2018, was born as a meeting space between a group of musicians, Istantanea Ensemble, born within the experiences that are part of the Mercato Sonato in Bologna, and the Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra, resident at the Torrione Jazz Club Ferrara, and over the years it has become an important meeting and fusion space between professional musicians and composers of different artistic backgrounds.
Istantanea implements a coordinated action with the various protagonists of the local music supply chain to increase the quality of the offer, with a strong multidisciplinary character, with particular attention to circulation even in the small municipalities of the area.
Istantanea, with the aim of promoting contemporary art and its forms of expression, highlights the dissemination and production of original, unpublished works and reworkings of works from the past in the name of the close dialogue between written music and improvisation , dialogue amplified through multidisciplinarity with other languages ​​such as visual, poetic and dance arts, using multimedia tools to disseminate their works.
Istantanea’s productions are cataloged into five distinct areas: contemporary writings, other contemporary writings, rewritings, improvisations and crossovers.
Istantanea is constantly committed to developing and strengthening existing relationships with institutions and organizations including the Jazz Club Ferrara, the Bologna Jazz Festival, Area Sismica, Ferrara Musica, Mantova Musica, the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Trame Sonore, Siena Jazz, l Accademia Chigiana of Siena, the Piano Academy of Imola, University of Lund (Malmö, Sweden), Connect Festival (Malmö).



Istantanea Ensemble - Virtual Landscape

June 2nd 2024 – 12.15 pm
Museo Archeologico