Hèsperos Piano Trio

Hèsperos Piano Trio

«The three soloists gave the impression that one cannot go further in deciphering the“ musical mystery ”and its secrets of alchemical manufacturing». With these words Quirino Principe reviewed, in October 2009, the debut in the name of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy of the three musicians who now make up the Hèsperos Piano Trio. Since then, a series of collaborations has followed one another over the years and has led to the establishment of a stable trio, currently the protagonist, with the complete of Beethoven’s trios (this year in the fourth and final act), on some prestigious Italian stages.
The third edition of the Mantova Chamber Music Festival chose to dedicate a live streaming in HD to the Hèsperos Piano Trio which received full approval (“The sound balance that reigned between the three artists was exceptional – writes the critic from the Giornale di Brescia – for not to mention the clarity, the technical cleanliness, the natural exchange of phrases in the name of a lively and mature musicality”).
The partnership between the three musicians, strong in a spontaneous and natural harmony, is based on the sharing of very different musical life paths, which include a rich network of solo, chamber, orchestral and educational experiences of international level.

Filippo Lama violin
Stefano Guarino cello
Riccardo Zadra piano


Hèsperos Piano Trio - Schubert

June 2nd 2024 – 4.30 pm
Palazzo Vescovile, Salone degli Arazzi