Ensemble 900

Ensemble 900

Conceived by Giorgio Bernasconi in 1999 and daughter of the Ticino tradition of openness towards the musical avant-garde, 900presente was born as a co-production between the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland and RSI Rete Due. From 2011 to 2023 the artistic consultant of the season was Arturo Tamayo.
Accompanied by ever-increasing affection on the part of the public and thanks to the quality of the increasingly high-profile artistic offering, over the years the season has taken on the role of the main referent in the field of modern and contemporary music in Ticino, also establishing itself at a national level , to the point of gaining an international showcase (Vienna, Florence, Venice, Milan, Cuenca).
Since the beginning of its activity, 900presente has proposed over one hundred and fifty concert, theatrical and multimedia productions, recording for the Italian-speaking Swiss Radio and Television (RSI) and inviting established musicians and composers such as Harrison Birtwistle, Thüring Bräm, Sylvano Bussotti, Azio Corghi, Stefano Gervasoni , Klaus Huber, Michael Jarrell, Betsy Jolas, Rudolf Kelterborn, Helmut Lachenmann, Johannes Schöllhorn, Salvatore Sciarrino, Heiner Goebbels.
Together with the Dimitri Theater Academy and the SUPSI Degree Course in Visual Communication, 900presente has staged a series of large multimedia shows; Der Gelbe Klang by Vassily Kandinsky with original music by Carlo Ciceri, Vocal gestures on compositions by Luciano Berio and Dieter Schnebel, Dadamusica on pieces by George Antheil and Erik Satie, The Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, Satyricon by Bruno Maderna, Kraanerg by Iannis John Cage.


Erik Bertsch, Ensemble 900, Francesco Bossaglia - With Carlo Ciceri at Trame Sonore

May 31st 2024 – 12.00
Palazzo Ducale, Galleria degli Specchi