Corte Beccaguti Cavriani

sala degli specchi

Palazzo Beccaguti Cavriani was built between the end of 1400 and 1530 by Alessio Beccaguti, military commander and civil engineer in the service of Francesco II and Federico II Gonzaga.
Both ancient and contemporary, surrounded by works of art that dialogue with a majestic architecture, its restoration has been essential and pure.
The manor house, which includes the courtyard, the gallery, the garden and the swimming pool, houses the Bernardelli Ghisi Collection which alternates with personal exhibitions of Italian and international artists.


Amai Quartet, Paolo Marzocchi - Mymosh, il Figlio-di-Se-Stesso

May 31st 2024 – 7.00 pm
Corte Beccaguti Cavriani