The passion for music comes from playing.
The Trame Sonore App takes you along a breathtaking journey through extraordinary places of art and immortal repertoires.
Zig_Zago is the only Trama of the festival that can be experienced exclusively through our App.
The musicians are our accomplices, the concerts contain clues and the halls are the game board: never like this year we have planned to give you a new experience during your participation in Trame Sonore.
By participating in Zig_Zago you will have to complete a series of tests, or tasks, by answering our quizzes, scanning hidden QR codes, interacting with the artists and staff, telling us with images or words how you are moving within the festival. Small simple challenges, which we have designed to really let you enter our world and learn all the secrets of Trame Sonore and, obviously, of the music it offers!
Of course, this would already be a great treasure to find, but we have decided to reward you with trips, passes, tickets and devices… all with a musical theme!

How to play:

1 – Download the Trame Sonore Festival APP

2 – Sign up for the Treasure Hunt by June 4th at 10.00am

3 – Choose the path you prefer: CONCERTO (50 questions, requires several days of play) or SONATA (20 questions, requires a day of play or a little more, it depends on your pace).

4 – Choose whether to participate alone in SOLO mode, or whether to compete with your friends in ENSEMBLE mode.

5 – Answer as many questions as possible as quickly as possible by June 4th at 5.00 pm.

6 – Find out if you have won in one of the categories: absolute winner, CONCERTO winner, SONATA winner, Under30, O FORTUNA prize. The prizes will be awarded on 5 June and the winners will be indicated on the website


>Are you a teacher? Participate with your class in ZIGZAGO School edition. For details write to