1st – 5th June


Trame Sonore – Mantova Chamber Music Festival is much more than a music festival. Thematic and cultural itineraries, workshops and meetings intertwine with concerts for an international event with a strong popular vocation, which is, at the same time, a meeting of artists from all over the world and a tribute to chamber music. In the days of Trame Sonore, Mantua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers visitors an unprecedented encounter between music, art and architecture.

From early morning to late evening, uninterruptedly, Trame Sonore puts in dialogue musical masterpieces of all time with the art of Giulio Romano, Andrea Mantegna, Domenico Fetti, Pisanello and Rubens. Here, fans of classical music find a more authentic listening dimension: recovering the original spirit of making and enjoying chamber music. The concerts – short and informal – take place in venues that by structure, size and acoustics recall the places for which that music was conceived and composed.
The Festival represents an ideal opportunity both for classical enthusiasts but also for those who want to rediscover a city symbol of the Renaissance, in an original perspective, through a full immersion in Beauty, declined in its highest expressions.