Una voce - Cage, Aperghis, Corrado, Berio, Montalti

June 3, 2022 – 4.45 pm
Palazzo Ducale, Prima sala di Guastalla

The Western philosophical tradition has always relegated the role of the voice to an intermediary of thought, a means of giving life to the word. In reality, this communication and expression tool with which we are endowed since we come into the world, can be thought and experienced, as a mystery and uniqueness, in a different perspective: that of the body that we are and do not have. The intent of Una voce’s work is to investigate the gesture (vocal and bodily) by feeding each other on the peculiarities of the other to give voice to the body and give body to the voice, in a path that passes from improvisation to execution of pieces from the contemporary repertoire that open to the tonal and ontological multiplicity of the body-voice.

Ljuba Bergamelli , soprano and performer, dedicates herself with passion to twentieth century and contemporary art – with particular interest in musical theater, performance art and dance theater.
Simone Magnani , dancer and choreographer, began his experience in the dance theater and then moved away and landed on the more abstract work of American improvisation and composition.
Vittorio Montalti , composer, publishes for Edizioni Suvini Zerboni – SugarMusic SpA and, since 2018, by Casa Ricordi – Universal Music Publishing.
Fabio Banfo , playwright, director, actor, pedagogue, is a permanent member of the Teatro dei Sensibili of the writer Guido Ceronetti and an acting teacher at the Possible Theaters in Milan.