The loggia gets its name from the decorations dedicated to the story of David on the lunettes and the barrel vault. This space opens towards the Cortile d’Onore with a central arch and towards the fish ponds and the garden, once rich in decorations and plants, with three arches supported by groups of columns. The frescoes and stuccos above the cornice were realized between 1532 and 1534, but the loggia was probably already set up in 1530 to receive the visit of Charles V.

The scenes concerning Davide allude both to the warrior ideals of Federico II Gonzaga, and to the events involving Isabella Boschetti: creating an analogy with the figures of David and Bathsheba.
The lunettes dedicated to the biblical hero illustrate: David and Goliath; David struggling with a lion; the Biblical hero fighting against a bear and David playing the harp. The Stories of David return in the octagons of the vault.

The sixteenth-century decorative apparatus is completed by the Gonzaga coat of arms painted on the lunette in the center of the west wall. The fake bronze clay tiles, still dedicated to David, date back to the early nineteenth century, while the statues depicting the Virtues that inhabit the niches date back in part to the mid-seventeenth century, for the other to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Pablo Barragan, Ineo Quartet - Brahms

June 1st 2023 – 7.15 pm
Palazzo Te, Loggia di Davide

I violoncelli del Mozarteum - Classe di G. Gnocchi - Piazzolla, Villani-Côrtes, Gardel, Zimmer, Ravel, Popper, Strauss

June 2nd 2023 – 7.15 pm
Palazzo Te, Loggia di Davide

Quartetto OCM Academy - Šostakovič

June 3rd 2023 – 7.15 pm
Palazzo Te, Loggia di Davide