Entirely in terracotta and surmounted by Ghibelline merlons, the façade of Palazzo Castiglioni represents, together with Palazzo Ducale, the Duomo and Palazzo Vescovile one of the icons of Piazza Sordello. The fourteenth-century palace was originally the home of the Bonacolsi, the first lords of the city.

The façade surmounted by Ghibelline merlons faces Palazzo Ducale, fulcrum of the artistic and political life of Mantua, which under the guidance of the Gonzagas became one of the most important European courts of the Renaissance.

Palazzo Castiglioni is still the residence of the descendants of Baldassare Castiglione, a man of letters and diplomat of the Italian Renaissance.
Palazzo Castiglioni is now also the seat of the Mantua Chamber Orchestra.