This house is a building dating back to the second half of the 1400s. It was the right wing of the government building of the port of Catena which belonged to Gonzaga / Canossa families.
The building was demolished in the 1930s to make way for the current headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza barracks. Only the right wing was saved.
In 1972, Osvaldo Trombini, a restorer painter, bought it and restored it following scientific methods.

He brought back to light the frescoes of the Mantegnesque school, the decorations of the wooden coffered ceilings, and reconstructed the walls plasters according to the original recipes.
In 2018 La Casa del Pittore joined the Viviamo Mantova project, for the construction of an inclusive accommodation facility, providing two environments, a receptive space and an exhibition / cultural space, for the design and construction of places where hospitality , the culture of rights, inclusion and accessibility become “Home”.

The guidelines that accompanied the idea were Designing and creating beautiful, functional, inclusive and accessible spaces designed not only for the world of disability but for everyone.
In 2021 the structure was subjected to the analysis, evaluation and certification by TUVAICHEPUOI.

Ensemble Dorati - Boccherini, Dorati, Crusell

June 2nd 2023 – 7.00 pm
Casa del Pittore