Oistrakh Quartet – Tchaikovsky

11.15 am | Palazzo Ducale, Sala dei Capitani

Oistrakh Quartet
Andrey Baranov violin
Rodion Petrov violin
Fedor Belugin viola
Alexey Zhilin cello

PI Tchaikovsky
Quartet No. 1 in D major op. 11

Admission € 10


In the Sala dei Capani the Oistrakh Quartet will play one of the works in which Tchaikovsky poured his love for Russian folk music together with his iconic lyricism, the Quartet No. 1 (1871). The centerpiece of the composition is the second movement, Andante cantabile, based on the popular Russian theme “Vania sits on the sofa and smokes a pipe”, which was then reused by the composer to create a work for cello and orchestra. On this occasion, with this transcription, Tchaikovsky managed to move a Leo Tolstoy who was absorbed in the audience.

Oistrakh Quartet - Tchaikovsky

June 5, 2022 – 11.15 am
Palazzo Ducale, Sala dei Capitani