Trio Michelangeli – Brahms

12.30 am | Palazzo Ducale, Galleria degli Specchi

Michelangelo Trio
Paolo Tagliamento violin
Alessandra Doninelli cello
Riccardo Gagliardi piano

J. Brahms (1833-1897)
Trio in B major op. 8

35′ | Museum ticket


Brahms’ First Trio really needs no introduction. Famous from the very first performances, the Trio is a typical product of Brahms’s stormy youth in terms of enthusiasm and happiness of writing, only partially tempered by the intense work of reworking it that the composer did, over thirty years later. To interpret this youthful masterpiece, the young Trio Michelangeli.

Trio Michelangeli - Brahms

June 1st 2023 – 12.30
Palazzo Ducale, Galleria degli Specchi