Ensemble Zefiro – Devienne, Rasetti

6.00 pm | Palazzo d’Arco, Sala degli Antenati

Ensemble Zefiro
Luigi Lupo flute
Alberto Grazzi bassoon
Anna Fontana fortepiano

F. Devienne (1759-1803)
Sonata in C major

A. Rasetti (1759-1799)
Trio n. 2 in F major op. 13

Admission € 10


The opulence of the Sala degli Antenati in Palazzo d’Arco prepares the listener well for a paginated homage to the late eighteenth century. For Casa Mozart and Esprit de France, the Ensemble Zefiro, historical presence in Trame Sonore, combines the ingenious architecture of the Sonata in C major by François Devienne, prolific author of chamber compositions for various types of ensemble, the sagacity of the Trio op . 13 by Amédée Rasetti.

Ensemble Zefiro - Devienne, Rasetti

June 4, 2022 – 6.00 pm
Palazzo d’Arco, Sala degli Antenati