NDR Elb Philharmonie ​Soloists – Schönberg

11.30 pm | Rotonda di San Lorenzo


NDR Elb Philharmonie Soloists
Roland Greutter
Rodrigo Reichel violin
Teresa Schwamm viola
Aline Saniter viola
Christopher Franzius cello
Andreas Grunkorn cello

A. Schönberg (1874-1951)
Verklärte Nacht op. 4


30′ | Admission €15

“Two creatures go through a bare grove, / the moon follows them: they sink their gaze into it.” Thus begins Dehmel’s poem which inspired the young Schönberg for his first great masterpiece, perhaps his most universally and viscerally loved work: Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night). In thirty minutes of musical poem, with dense language and Schönberg performs a small miracle, which the soloists of the Elbphilharmonie will bring to the Rotonda for the Trame Sonore night concerts.

NDR Elb Philharmonie Soloists - Schönberg

June 1st 2023 – 11.30 pm
Rotonda di San Lorenzo