Suyeon Kang-Weinberg

11.45 am | Palazzo Te, Giardino Segreto


Suyeon Kang violin

M. Weinberg (1919-1996)
Sonata n.3 op. 126


25′ | Admission €12

The Pole Mieczysław Weinberg, who grew up under the Soviet Union and an esteemed friend of Shostakovich, is among the many faces of the 20th century that the fall of the Berlin Wall has begun to circulate in recent decades. His highly expressive and technically demanding violin sonatas are still a rarity. This concert will allow the lucky few who will be able to discover the Secret Garden of Palazzo Te to also rediscover the work of this fascinating composer.

Suyeon Kang-Weinberg

June 3rd 2023 – 11.45 am
Palazzo Te, Giardino Segreto