Ensemble MIB – Mozart

9.00 pm | Piazza Leon Battista Alberti


MIB Ensemble
Rossana Calvi oboe
Erika Rampin oboe
Andrea Bressan bassoon
Dennis Carli bassoon
Antonio Caneve clarinet
Corrado Orlando clarinet
Vincenzo Musone horn
Loris Antiga horn

W. A. Mozart (1756-1791)
Serenade no. 12 in C minor K 388


28′ | Free admission


The dark key of C minor runs through the Serenata K 388 which finds its ideal destination in Piazza Leon Battista Alberti, thanks to the free use of the Open plot. Born to be performed outdoors, where they worked thanks to the ringing sounds of the winds, the serenades often had a festive and convivial dimension. Therefore, the different character of this Serenata, which must have been dear to Mozart, jumps even more to the eye if he chose to transcribe it for string quintet a few years later.