Deniel Perer – L’eredità frescobaldiana

5.00 pm | Basilica di Santa Barbara


Deniel Perer organ

L’eredità frescobaldiana

M. Rossi (1602-1656)
Toccata VII

B. Pasquini (1637-1710)
Toccata con lo Scherzo del Cucco

J. J. Froberger (1616-1667)
Toccata II

JK Kerll (1627-1693)

G. Muffat (1653-1704)
Toccata V

J. Speth (1664-1719)
Partite diverse sopra l’aria detta “la Pasquina”

B. Pasquini (1637-1710)


30′ | Free admission

Frescobaldi was a revolutionary figure in the history of music, particularly for keyboard. A very skilled improviser, he tried to render on keyboard instruments the contrasts and passions hitherto considered to be the sole competence of vocal music. All the great European organ music of the 1600s was compared to his model, of which Deniel Perer gives us an essay in this concert on the Antegnati organ of Santa Barbara.

Deniel Perer - L’eredità frescobaldiana

June 2nd 2023 – 5.00 pm
Basilica di Santa Barbara