Danusha Waskiewicz – Scelsi

4.45 pm | Palazzo Ducale, Prima sala di Guastalla

Danusha Waskiewicz viola

G. Scelsi (1905-1988)
A Manto

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A composer who ever existed? We enter the Wunderkammer where we discover that, upon his death, several composers claimed the authorship of Giacinto Scelsi’s compositions, as if this were a ghost name. Halos of mystery aside, it is true that Scelsi was very interested in the music of his time. A Manto (1956), which we will listen to in the Doge’s Palace, seeks an enlarged chordal writing, exploratory effects, all through the splendid violist Danusha Waskiewicz, soloist, quartet player, first part, but above all experimenter of always new projects.

Danusha Waskiewicz - Scelsi

June 2, 2022 – 4.45 pm
Palazzo Ducale, Prima Sala di Guastalla

danusha waskiewicz