Luca Ciammarughi – Schubert

4.00 pm | Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli


Luca Ciammarughi piano

F. Schubert (1797-1828)
Sonata in A major D 959


40′ | Museum ticket

Schubert’s last three Sonatas are among the greatest masterpieces of the early 1800s. Written shortly before the composer’s death, at the age of only 31, they dilate the forms in what Schumann described as “divine length”, without, however, aspiring to symphonic frescoes, rather preferring the intimacy of lyricism and solitary meditation, shaken at times by sudden storms. .

Luca Ciammarughi - Schubert

June 2nd 2023 – 4.00 pm
Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli