Andrea Monarda, Alessandro Solbiati – Solbiati

2/6 at 2.45 pm | Galleria Corraini


Andrea Monarda guitar
Introduced by Alessandro Solbiati

A. Solbiati (1956)
Tre pezzi

40′ | Free admission



The Corraini Gallery hosts a new Wunderkammer event, Trame Sonore’s chamber of wonders, dedicated to new languages and today’s music. In this particular event, the composer Alessandro Solbiati, one of the most authoritative voices of Italian contemporary art and historical friend of the Festival, introduces his work for guitar to the public, with the participation of the guitarist and musicologist Andrea Monarda, one of the main experts of opera of Solbiati.

Andrea Monarda, Alessandro Solbiati - Solbiati

June 2nd 2023 – 2.45 pm
Galleria Corraini