Quartetto Leonardo – Haydn

2.15 pm | Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli

Quartetto Leonardo
Sara Pastine violin
Fausto Cigarini violin
Salvatore Borrelli viola
Lorenzo Cosi cello

FJ Haydn (1732-1809)
Quartet No. 1 in C major op. 77

Introduction by Giovanni Bietti

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Haydn, during his long career, has brought the quartet genre to a very high degree of writing perfection. In 1799, when Haydn composes the Quartets Op. 77, the history of music is witnessing a particularly important moment: Haydn, now elderly, is passing his baton to a young Beethoven, who in those years is composing a new cycle of string quartets full of references to Haydn’s music. At Trame Sonore the Quartetto Leonardo will perform, for the Ars Perfecta plot, the Quartet n. 1 in G major.

Quartetto Leonardo - Haydn

June 2 2022 – 2.15 pm
Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli