Pacific Quartet Vienna – Debussy

9.45 am | Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli


Pacific Quartet Vienna
Yuta Takase violin
Simon Wiener violin
Chin Ting Huang viola
Sarah Weilenmann cello

C. Debussy (1862-1918)
Quartet in G minor op. 10


28′ | Museum ticket

Claude Debussy’s Quartet, at its first performance, aroused a scandal that today would seem almost unexpected. Yet, the innovative language and the already well-defined and openly polemical artistic personality shocked the most conservative French circles. Today, Debussy’s Quartet is loved by audiences and musicians precisely for its soft outlines, wavering harmonies, the curious pizzicato of the Scherzo and the poignant melancholy of the Andantino.

Pacific Quartet Vienna - Debussy

June 2nd 2023 – 9.45 am
Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli