Claudio Sanna – Contemporary Sardinian composers

6.15 pm | Corraini Gallery


Claudio Sanna piano

“Contemporary Sardinian composers”

L. Chessa (1971)

G. Dongu (1974)

C. Sanna (1985)
Ninth study n.1

G. Dongu
Un sentimento di danza

C. Sanna
Studio sulle none n. 2


30′ | Free admission

Sardinian pianist and composer, Claudio Sanna has dedicated a large double disc in 2022 to the music of his countrymen today. Studies, jokes, nocturnes, sketches and characteristic pieces, Sanna offers a great glimpse of contemporary piano music in Sardinia, from which he draws this perfect concert for those curious to discover the music of Sardinian composers such as Luciano Chessa, Giovanna Dongu and the same Sanna.

Claudio Sanna - Contemporary Sardinian composers

June 1st 2023 – 6.15 pm
Galleria Corraini