Trio Michelangeli – Schubert

11.15 am | Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli


Michelangelo Trio
Paolo Tagliamento violin
Alessandra Doninelli cello
Riccardo Gagliardi piano

F. Schubert (1797-1828)
Trio n. 1 in B flat major op. 99D 898


40′ | Museum ticket

“A look at the Trio in B flat major, op. 99 by Schubert, and all the anxieties of our human condition disappear, and the whole world is once again full of freshness and light.” With these words Schumann reviewed the Trio op. 99 by Franz Schubert, which published posthumously was to become with the subsequent Trio op. 100 one of the cornerstones of the repertoire. For the Festival, it will be performed by the Trio Michelangeli, one of the most interesting young Italian ensembles.

Trio Michelangeli - Schubert

June 2nd 2023 – 11.15 am
Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli