Trio Aeonium – Shostakovich

11.00 am | Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli

Aeonium Trio
Cristina Papini violin
Silvia Gira cello
Andrea Napoleoni piano

D. Šostakovič (1906-1975)
Trio n. 2 in minor op. 67

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Chamber music was for Shostakovič a sort of antidote to his compositional duties towards the regime. The Trio n. 2 op. 67 was composed by Shostakovich in 1944, in a particularly complex period for him: the death of Sollertinskij, a music critic and his very dear friend, had been added to the tragedy of the war. It is in fact to him that the Trio is dedicated, a dramatic and tense work, in which moments of intense lyricism alternate with playful episodes, bordering on the grotesque. At Trame Sonore, the Aeonium Trio (from the Greek ‘immortal’) will give its reading at Palazzo Te.

Trio Aeonium - Shostakovich

June 2, 2022 – 11.00 am
Palazzo Te, Sala dei Cavalli